Looking For An Adjustable Or Fixed Height Dog Grooming Table

adjustable or fixed grooming tableThese days, dogs are more than just the family pet for most people. They are a member of the family, almost as if they are human. With this kind of status comes a lot of pampering, which means gourmet dog food, toys and lots of grooming. If you are in the lucrative grooming business for pooches, then you have to decide between adjustable or fixed height dog grooming table when you start your business.

Adjustable or Fixed

If you own a shop, you likely will invest in a few stationary tables. These generally are very sturdy and made to last, so they are a great investment. Height-adjustable ones are usually portable, so they are easier to tote around. A combination of both is great for shop owners so you can have the option of going mobile or just bringing out more tables during busy times.

Even a shop owner may have times when they make house calls in order to expand their business or to help out a regular customer who simply cannot make it in for their appointment. This is a growing part of this sector, and could require a foldable table that is easy to tote around. A mobile, height-adjustable model is a must have.

The makeup of these tables is usually plywood that is high grade to last, but also lighter in weight than solid wood. Metal is also used in the construction, and to keep things portable, it is usually a lightweight one such as aluminum.

No matter what they are made of, they all fold flat for easy storage in a closet or even under a bed. There is some kind of locking pins or mechanism to keep the legs in place when transporting somewhere. When folded, it should be small enough to fit into the trunk of any car.

Each leg usually adjusts in small increments, usually around an inch at a time, but possibly more. All you do is click to adjust one inch at a time until it is the perfect height for you to work on the dog. If you are short or in a wheelchair, then adjustable tables are a real godsend that help you do your job.

All good, full service tables also come with an arm. The arm should also be adjustable to help you use it on dogs of any size. This arm has a hook or loop where you attach the dog leash to keep them from jumping off. It should also come with some kind of protective pad on top in case of an accident, and it should be good for use when grooming cats.